Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"

  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center &quott;Svetlina"
  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"
  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"
  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"
  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"
  • Bulgarian-Japanese Reiki and Meditation Center "Svetlina"


The center has been created by Kiril Stoyanov with the sole purpose to be of use to all people regardless of their nationality, age, sex, education or social situation. It teaches:

Well established procedures and training programs that have already changed and will continue to give positive changes in the lives of million of people

  1. Individual consultations for personal, business and global situations.
  2. Healing Reiki séances that positively influence the individuals on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic level.
  3. Initiations in all Traditional Reiki methods; initiations in Reiki + Power (Enhanced Reiki). After each initiation, the initiated person gains various knowledge and possibilities to heal himself / herself and also to help other people with methods well acknowledged and established world wide.
  4. Individual meditation methods for personal development. Deliberate and conscious encounter with one’s spiritual leader in order for the individual to cleanse his or her vacillations, to obtain self-confidence, to get information from the Akashic Records, to learn how to deal with bone problems, to understand how to deal with forgiveness, to find harmony with their inner child, to manage all stress and depressive conditions and many other situations.
  5. Regression as a procedure, which is very useful to people who experience fears, phobias or keep on having constantly occurring unpleasant or other situations which are deprived of any logic.
  6. Procedure and easily accessible specific method called “Establishing contact with the close to the heart person from the spiritual world”. This procedure is extremely influential and has positive effect to ease the pain and grief over the death of a dear person.
  7. Initiation in Reiki-symbols from the New Era. The symbols will clean karmic encumbrances, will enhance the immune system, will deal with stomach and eye problems, and will help post-surgical traumas and many other health situations. Those individuals, who wish to have this kind of initiation, should have already received Traditional Reiki 2nd level.
  8. Individual sound therapy reducing and helping stress and depression with live music. The sounds were brought from the Far East.
  9. Unique procedures and easily accessible training methods in “The Road of the Soul”. These procedures are recommended to people who have already received a higher level of their personal development or fear death.
  10. Procedure of passing on approved mantra and symbols for personal protection. They will increase the endorphins /hormones of happiness/. The mantra is suitable for all people regardless of age, nationality, gender, education and social position.
  11. Individual procedures and easily accessible training methods for discontinuing karmic ties that stand on one’s development.
  12. Available there will be an individual procedure or rapidly acquired training in the”Support” method which is intended for lonely people, who want to liberate themselves of this loneliness and become complete individuals once again in order to regain harmony with their inner self and that with their surrounding world.
  13. Available there will be an individual procedure or rapidly acquired training in the “Karma” method. It is suitable for all people who seek to know the truth about why good or bad things happen to them. The method can improve people’s life on both physical and spiritual level.

In many countries, especially in bigger cities, millions of people are exposed to every-day stress. It is the main reason for our health problems. Dynamic life style and little time that man use for him, detach him from his natural condition. This is to be healthy, good and to radiate love towards you and the environment. The main goal that I and my students have set, who living in different parts of the world, is to help more and more people to go back to their natural condition. If one does not feel happy, then he has to rethink his way of life and to understand where he has mistaken. All our current problems (if they are not at the karmic level) are due to our way of life. I have established this Reiki and Meditation Centre clearly and fully firmly claiming that using ancient, natural methodises every man determined to change positively his life would enjoy successful results. The most important thing is wish for a change; the teachers of ancient studies will assist you in accelerating the process.

I would like to state clearly that Reiki and Meditation have not been especially developed for Eastern nations; indeed they are a supreme gift for humanity. This fact is accepted by millions of Europeans, Americans and other continents inhabitants. There people in the world who think that the methods coming from India- the cradle of natural methods for good health condition - are connected to their religions, traditions and so on and forth. Such statements are far away from the truth / I have been proved in this from my personal trips to India/ since there these natural methods are being practiced by Buddhist followers, Christians , Muslims and people belonging to another religions. Regular practice of Reiki and Meditation guarantees vital and harmonic life for each human being. Once discover ancient, natural gifts and experience their beneficial influence, people will explore a completely new world, prоviding them with charging vital forces. Human life is short on a physical level and this is another reason to have a fulfilled life, being of use for ourselves and of use for people around us.

Kiril Stoyanov

Benefits from Reiki and meditation:

  1. Improved general condition and self-confidence.
  2. Reduced stress and tension.
  3. Increased energy and vitality.
  4. Internal harmony.
  5. Greater self-confidence and self-control.
  6. Greater work efficiency and productivity.
  7. Increased awareness and creative abilities.
  8. Elimination of the causes for illnesses.
  9. Purification of the body from toxins and other poisons.
  10. Healing and life prolongation.